John S. Swartz-
Credibility Assessment Specialist

With an extensive global reputation and a career spanning over three decades, John S. Swartz, based in Texas, has been an invaluable asset to the legal, corporate, and governmental sectors worldwide. His expertise has been sought across the spectrum of legal cases, ranging from sex offenses to capital murder, owing to his tenure as a former federal examiner at the United States Department of Justice. John consistently serves as the foremost authoritative expert witness in both state and Federal courts, earning the trust of Texas Criminal Court Judges.

As a Retired Federal Examiner and Intelligence Supervisor with the United States Department of Justice, John Swartz has conducted thousands of examinations since 1986, covering a diverse array of subjects on a global scale. Renowned as an expert witness in polygraph matters, Mr. Swartz operates from his Houston, Texas office, providing crucial support to corporations, law firms, government agencies, and law enforcement entities. His expertise extends to national news outlets, where he has been featured as the polygraph consultant for NBC News/Dateline, CBS Paramount Productions, ABC NEWS, and the PBS documentary series, FRONTLINE, on critical criminal matters.”

John S. Swartz - Retired Federal Examiner

Professional Credentials


  • American Polygraph Association

  • American Association of Police Polygraphists

Education & Training Background

  • Sturm School of Polygraph

  • U.S. Department of Defense Polygraph Institute

  • Trained in Advanced Forensic Psychophysiology

  • Trained in Polygraph Examinations of Sex Offenders

Professional Experience

  • Former United States Department of Justice Federal Examiner

  • Former DEA Intelligence Operations Director

  • Trained in Polygraph Examinations of Sex Offenders.