International Polygraph Examiner

With a wealth of international credentials and over thirty years of worldwide experience, John S. Swartz stands as Texas’s foremost expert in credibility assessment. His expertise spans a broad spectrum, from civil and criminal testing to international assessments, making him the go-to choice for courts, law firms, corporations, and decision-makers around the globe.

As a Retired Federal Examiner, John brings an unmatched depth of knowledge to the field. His career began at the United States Department of Justice, where he honed his skills and handled cases ranging from sex offenders to Capital Murder. In state and Federal courts, John is consistently sought after as the authoritative expert witness, thanks to his extensive experience and impeccable credentials.

What sets John S. Swartz apart is his track record of making a real impact. From high-profile cases to complex international assessments, John’s expertise has consistently delivered results. His dedication to maintaining the highest standards in credibility assessment has earned him the trust of Texas Criminal Court Judges.

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Polygraph Examiners

Federal Testing Methodology

Mr. Swartz and his associates employ state of the art polygraph methodology blending the most validated Federal polygraph testing formats with computerized polygraph instrumentation.
Low Profile Interviews

All of our polygraph interviews are conducted in a professional, low profile, non-accusatory manner known as non-confrontational information elicitation. Our office environment is ideally suited for every type of examination. Appointments can be scheduled at virtually any time during a weekday. When required, evening and weekend testing is available. Examination results are immediate, as are our comprehensive, narrative reports.

  • 2015

    Senior Polygraph Examiner
    U.S. Department of State

  • 2012

    Retired Polygraph Examiner
    U.S. Department of Justice

  • 2012

    Retired Polygraph Examiner
    Drug Enforcement Administration

  • 2010

    Advisor and Consultant
    Office of the Chief and Command
    Legal Staff Houston Police Department

  • 2008

    Examiner and Consultant
    NBC News/Dateline

  • 2007

    Member Post Convictions Sex Offender Committee
    American Polygraph Association

Worldwide Polygraph-Testing

Meet John Swartz, your trusted global credibility assessment specialist, with international expertise that spans continents. Certified as a Federal examiner for the United States Department of Justice from 1992 to 1994, John brings a wealth of experience, including directing DEA Intelligence Operations at the United States Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, where he was the sole U.S. Government examiner in South America. His assignments have taken him to countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and more, shaping him into the go-to choice for international credibility assessments. With a track record of accomplishments worldwide, John Swartz stands out as the authority in the field. Contact us today to leverage his unparalleled global experience.

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